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   Hello and welcome to Northern New England Paranormal Research Society's, otherwise known as NNEPRS, website.  Our group is formed from several members ranging from Central Maine to Massachusetts and expanding even further.  Our goal is to research the paranormal and bring factual scientific evidence of oddities that seem out of the normal spectrum for us and to help our clients with any issues they may have with the paranormal.  With a team of investigators, techs, and occult specialists we will delve even further into the paranormal to find out one simple question, "What's out there?"  With our ever expanding list of equipment ranging from digital recorders, night vision cameras, infrared thermometers, and EMF detectors we will travel great distances in order to bring you the truth that's out there. 









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 Founder/Lead Investigator: David Conway


     While growing up as a child my father let watch science fiction with him and one show I liked was X-Files, I would take my father's audio recorder outside and pretend I was a part of X-Files til one day after listening to a recording I took had a strange whisper that came over it that I never noticed while recording.  Ever since that incident I've had a profound interest in researching the paranormal and try to explain what could really be out there.  With the knowledge and evidence I hope my team will bring will better explain to people that the paranormal is not always something to be afraid of.  With my team and our equipment I hope to truly find the answer to the question we all have been asking ourselves "Are we alone?"




 Tech Manager/Investigator: Bill Querry


  I'm a Maine native and just finishing my education at UNE in Animal Behavior and Secondary Education.  While I am intrigued with the paranormal, my real interests relates to Cryptozoology and cryptids in general.  I find it really interesting that there may still be animals out there that we relate to lore, but may in reality exist.  I've never had encounters with the paranormal, but have heard of first hand experiences from others and have always been fascinated by the idea that there might be something else in this world; or the next.  I'm a science-oriented thinker and because of that consider myself a sceptic.  I find it difficult to trust completely in simple anecdotes of encounters when there could be variety of other possible explanations.  I hope to bring my own skills and experiences to the team and look forward to working with everyone.






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